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Palenta, prijesnac, uĹĄtipci, kajmak...

A characteristic dish of Dinaric herders, regardless of their ethnic affiliation, is cicvara or pura, in Bosnia-Hercegovina, and gotovac, in Montenegro, which are names for a dish prepared from the same ingredients and in the same manner.

Palenta  is made of maize flour in a way that in hot water flour is poured, and when it boils you add salt and pour out surplus of water. Then you stir it with puraca (wooden spoon), add cheese and rendered butter. You can eat it with cream or buttermilk.

Prijesnac - you knead ready wheat or maize flour with milk. Then you add cream, cheese and eggs and bake it.

Uštipci - are made from wheat flour and fried on oil in frying pan. They are served warm with cheese, young cream and (marmalade) jam.

Kajmak (cream) - is made in a way that casted containers of cream are put in tubs, salt is added in one after another and it is kept in wooden tubs until it grows ripe. The cream in goatskins is called stari (old), and mladi (young) is casted from containers.

Sirevi (cheeses)

Torotan - is made of milk from containers from which the cream is collected;

Cijeli sir (the whole cheese) - from unskimmed milk, when the milk stays, the sour cream is skimmed from it;

Mladi sir (young cheese) - in fresh, filtered milk the curd is poured.

Bosnian Cook
24/01/2013 12:14