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The traditional rural menue consisted of a very few dishes. It can be said that it was even very frugal depending on the bio-geographical environment and season. It used to be rather unified in all the rural comminities. The differencies were introduced by religious taboos owing to which the Bosniaks did not consume pork and pork dripping. Wealthy Bosniaks used butterfat for cooking purposes while poor ones used lard. Oil has been in use only for a short time since butterfat is too dear. The bosnian Serbs and the bosnian Croats also used butterfat more thank pork fat for cooking since there were quantities of it available. Later on butterfat was used only in garnishes. If we take this traditional nutrition based on the local sources of raw materials as the foundation of the traditional rural menue, it is possible to trace the later introduction of new elements and foreign influences in this field.The author has collected information concerning the difference between the rural and urban gastronomic differences in the region of Tešanj and has concluded that such differences were first felt in the villages nearest the town where the villages nearest the town where the urban population had its land plots on which it most frequantly spent its leasure time. Later on this influence was spread even to the most remote villages.

Bosnian Cook
24/01/2013 11:54